Story of Bahama

Started with business the manufacture and sale rattan seats was pioneered by
Mr. H. Brahim by selling around and staying in part a terrace store, that he had
warehouse and plant located in of Tegal Wangi, Cirebon, Indonesia. He also has received order seats.
Business founder Mr. H. Brahim extended by selling raw materials and built a
warehouse. He also was being the first producer of rattan raw materials in Cirebon
in 1952.
In 1988 the business developed by Mohamad Bilal, the son of Mr. H .Brahim, the business sale raw materials in the industry, which has been running decades encourage and inspire Mohamad Bilal to establish Bahama rattan business with the concept of the more modern and export to several countries in Europe as well as Asia.
Bahama started doing development to teak, mahogany, and pine products.
Start furniture production with new raw materials Lloyd loom and combine with other material like wood and rattan.
Development with the new synthetic rattan / plastic combined with sticks and aluminium.
2007 - Now
Managed to expand the market to North America, South America, Australia, UK,
Europe, and Asia.