Consider the product by seeing the material from best rattan, wood, synthetic rattan / plastic, and Llyod Loom.


About Lloyd loom

The process of making Lloyd Loom first discovered by Marshall B. Lloyd, an American, in 1917. At that time furniture with the rod plaited hand was very popular. Material of Lloyd Loom by Marshall B. Lloyd made by means of twisting paper craft into a thread, covered craft around steel wire, then weaving them with a loom designed specifically.

Lloyd loom has the surface finer than plait rattan. Stronger and durable. No need to a long time, Lloyd Loom character seed to be immediately attract attention market furniture in the USA. The difference of time 1920 to in 1930, furniture that made from Lloyd Loom became very popular in America and Europe.

After nearly 100 years, until now Lloyd Loom still becomes the icon of material furniture was high and elegant character. classical, strong, comfortable, long-lasting , and easy made. Furniture of Lloyd Loom is able to survive one generation to the next.

Lloyd Loom Indonesia, In 2001, construction plant Lloyd Loom Indonesia prefixed as new Bahama's investment, that also was a spinoff for Bahama. It is about 25 miles from Bahama factory in Cirebon.


In cooperation with David J. J. Breese, Lloyd Loom Indonesia is a new power in the raw materials furniture of high quality today. David Breese very known in the history of Lloyd Loom in the world. For decades before, David Breese is one of the important role in some companies Lloyd Loom in Europe.

Production facilities of Lloyd Loom furnished with special machines developed and imported from American and English. Lead by David Breese, the process setups machines production walk fast and adapted to standard production Lloyd Loom in Europe.

In 2002, Lloyd Loom Indonesia began operations and sells their products commercially for domestic demand and abroad. Production process of Lloyd Loom controlled carefully and ensure produce equal to Lloyd Loom production of Europe or America.


Common material that use in furniture industry consisting of Manau, Tohiti,
Batang, Sega, Kubu, Pulut, Slimit, and more. Bahama collect material with
the best quality selection.


Wood to use the Bahama to material is teak who is known as choice woods
in the furniture. Bahamas also offer wood mahogany and pine.